i read sometimes a lot i guess

i just love to read books and talk about them with other people that love to read books. i also love discovering new writing and writing that i've never heard of before.

book related issues.

i'm having problems choosing one book to read and sticking to it. i'm not really sure if this is a problem or not, but it can be really frustrating when you just want to settle in with a book. i have a few books on my shelves that need reading- yet i become indecisive about which to read and end up neglecting them all. does anyone know any strategies on deciding on one book at a time?

Currently reading

Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls
David Sedaris
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Beautiful Creatures
Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia
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Christ in Concrete
Pietro Di Donato, Studs Terkel
Progress: 11/236 pages
Looking for Alaska
John Green
Progress: 57/221 pages